WordPress, an indispensable tool

WordPress is the reference tool for website creation. It powers today more than 30% of the sites on the web. I think its main advantage is its ease of use and its adaptability to our desires. Considered for a long time as a blog system, it is no longer reduced to this simple functionality. Blog, showcase site, e-commerce site, the only limit is your imagination. It also reduces development costs because it gives us a base to work on.

As a WordPress developer, my goal is twofold:

  1. First, I create your site to meet your needs and those of the user. Depending on the target audience, content and functionality, I create a high-performance, quality site.
  2. Secondly, I give you all the keys to easily administer your site. Content management is clearer and more fluid. You spend less time trying to understand how to add content, and more time focusing on what really interests you: improving the quality of your site.

Your tailor-made site

Passionate, I take to heart the creation of site. I am always looking for ways to make your site :

  • More accessible
  • More ergonomic
  • More efficient
  • Lighter

I consider myself a craftsman; my sites are creations in which I put my heart and all my know-how. Your site will be made to measure, in order to have control over each part. Plugins are reduced to the bare minimum for security and performance reasons.

Your competitive site

Your problem is to have a site that is competitive at all levels. You don’t want a site that is less efficient than a competitor’s site. I take care of all these problems in the creation of the website. Natural search engine optimization, ergonomics, accessibility, inter-browser compatibility, responsive design, link to mailing systems, sharing on social networks, etc… All these things are taken for granted by the user of your site, but require thought for the design.

During the reflection process, we work together to understand what your users’ needs are, what your target audience is, understand who uses your site and why. Because a user comes to your site with a need, and that need must be met. He won’t stay if the site doesn’t load, if he can’t read, or access certain information. Together we answer these problems by developing sites that are easy for your users and for you.

Years of experience

I now have years of experience developing WordPress sites. I’ve watched it grow and improve every year. Today it is my favorite professional tool. I know its advantages and disadvantages, but I consider its strengths before embarking on a project, and I wouldn’t hesitate to tell you if WordPress is the right choice for your project. If you share the same vision as me on how your site should be built, then feel free to contact me: